7 Ways to Stress Less During Holiday Travel

Greetings from Panama!

It is hard for me to believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that December is next week. I literally screamed when I realized it because things are just happening way too quickly. In addition, with the holiday season here, we are entering into not so friendly times in the travel world. Trust me, I know that holiday travel can be a pain and super stressful, but there are certain things that I do to alleviate that stress. Definitely let me know how you all prepare for holiday travel as well!

1. Arrive EARLY.

2. Dress “comfy chic”.

3. Get your life and be organized.

4. If possible, travel the day of the holiday or take the earliest flight out.

5. Pack an awesome carry on.

6. Nix coffee, drink tea instead.

7. Have a cup of patience and throw in a smile.

What about you, travelers? How do you stress less during holiday travel? Anything I should add? Where are you headed for the holidays? Let’s chat more about it on the blog.



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